Welcome to Cadenza Apparel!

What’s in a name?
April 12, 2018

James Pensini conducting Western Sydney Youth Orchestra, 2017

Welcome to Cadenza Apparel

…..and my first blog post!


About a year ago I was struggling to find my daughter, Lianah, a pair of plain black pants and a plain black blouse for her upcoming Western Sydney Youth Orchestra performance. She had outgrown her other black clothes and there was only 3 days before the performance.

I’m a working mum and I don’t have much time off/spare time. So on the one day that was my day off I went to the shops and searched for almost 3 hours. I went into every shop at Castle Towers and ended up having to buy a woman’s ‘petite’ size 4 blouse from Target, and a pair of size 6 work pants by Tokito from Myer. So essentially, for my 11 year old daughter, I had to buy women’s workwear.

And I thought, “This isn’t right! Why can’t there be something online that just does black clothes for all ages?”

….What if I made a business that catered to the mums who know what they want but just don’t have the time to go searching the shops….? What if everything a mum needed for their child was all online and could be delivered to their door?

So, I hung onto the idea and kind of looked into it. I remember Googling “How to start an online fashion business”….But I didn’t know where to start! I’ve never “studied” fashion before. I just know what I like, and I know how to dress my daughter so she looks good on stage.

So, I shelved the idea and put it in the ‘too hard’ basket.

Then the universe handed me someone who could help me. She was literally under my nose the whole time! So we partnered up and my little crazy idea of starting this label was born!

My first launch will not be ready until mid 2018. I’ve designed and sourced fabrics with the help of my friend and we’re currently in the process of getting samples made up which is such an exciting time!

Currently what is available is a little side project that I thought would be fun. My husband was always looking for musical meme slogan shirts and apparel to buy for Lianah. And whenever she wore them she would always get asked where she got them from. So I created my own!

I really hope you like them and I can’t wait until I launch my bespoke formal wear soon!



Jacinda xx

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