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December 16, 2017
Nicole Car in concert with the Australian Chamber Orchestra
April 15, 2018

Jacinda and Lianah at Circular Quay

Trying to think of a business name can be quite tricky.

Personally, I find the business names that stick in my head are ones that I can associate with something else, or ones that are just that little bit unusual. That’s how my brain works! I have a good memory for people – if I don’t remember their name then I will have definitely remembered something unusual/quirky or individual to them. Even if it has been 10 years since I’ve seen them!

So it was a no brainer when I came to naming my business.

My daughter had an AMEB cello exam a few years ago and in one of the pieces she had to play a cadenza. I think it was a grade 5 piece. It was called Fantasia on Greensleeves. We asked her teacher at the time what cadenza meant, and because my daughter has a hard time remembering all the theory stuff, she put it in a way that would be remembered.

“A cadenza is a bad ass solo bit that you can show off in!”

I still remember that to this day! Now, I know it’s not exactly what cadenza means; Wikipedia states that in music a cadenza “…is, generically, an improvised or written-out ornamental passage played or sung by a soloist or soloists, usually in a “free” rhythmic style, and often allowing virtuosic display.”

But the general idea I take from the meaning, that applies to my clothing line, is a “soloist displaying virtuosic talents in a free style”.

Whilst all orchestras need to look unified, they are not usually required to wear a “uniform”, thus granting each individual musician the freedom to display their own individual taste, style and flair through their appearance.

This is my wish, and ultimate goal,for anyone who wears a piece of clothing from Cadenza Apparel.

Thank you for stopping by!

Jacinda xx

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