Pop up store at Sydney Youth Orchestras Winter showcase

Cadenza Apparel delivery is here!
July 6, 2018
black fabric swatches
50 shades of black
September 17, 2018

Cadenza Apparel signage

My very first pop up store at the Sydney Youth Orchestras Winter showcase was held on the 23rd June 2018.


Cadenza Apparel signage – this sign was so big and “in-your-face”  it was hard not to miss!

I had such tremendous feedback, especially from mothers.

“This is so great!”

“Oh wow, someone’s finally doing it!”

“Where were you 2 hours ago? My daughter is wearing one of my skirts’ with safety pins to hold the waist together to fit her!”



The SYO pop up display


And of course there were the questions about products that I currently do not have…..

“Do you do boy’s shirts? Do you have boy’s pants? Bow ties? Black socks?”

My casual line was a hit with the younger kids. The Yoda shirt was very popular, but the boys were disappointed that yoda was on the back of the shirt. Their creative solution was to wear the shirt backwards! I wish I’d taken a photo!

It was such a huge effort to pack/unpack/repack my car – I liken it to Tetris…or maybe Jenga…..lucky I have a wagon, it wouldn’t have fit otherwise




Car boot is stuffed full!




Pre-orders sorted, packed and ready for sending!


Thank you to Sydney Youth Orchestras for allowing me the space for my pop up store, and to all the people I talked to on the day who have given me such encouragement!

Jacinda xxx










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