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July 19, 2018
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October 4, 2018
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cadenza apparel fabric and embroidery samples

The Cadenza Apparel range currently consists of only 3 types of fabric across the entire range. This was done on purpose to create as much unity as possible, to avoid the “different shades of black” disaster that can often happen when wearing concert blacks on stage.

I would like to discuss my choice of fabrics for my range of clothes; in particular the Short sleeve lace blouse and the Long sleeve shirt.

These two blouses are both made from the same fabric – a Polyester/Elastane blend.

I know, I’m seeing you *cringe* at the word polyester. To be honest, that’s what I first thought (and did) when discussing fabric choices with my garment manufacturer. That was until I felt the samples in my hand.

Polyester is usually associated with “fast fashion”. Usually it’s thin and feels cheap, it creates a lot of static when worn and it feels itchy against the skin. You usually get what you pay for in terms of how many wears you get out of it. However, not all polyesters are created equal. It’s true.

Have you ever felt a shirt or pant and thought “Oh wow, that feels so soft and luxurious and silky. I wonder what it’s made from…” Then you look at the tag and it says polyester. The type of blend and weave of polyester will affect how it feels and wears. I too have chosen a premium blend. It really does feel silky to the touch, and drapes effortlessly.

Polyester blends are colourfast and do not fade. They perform well under bright stage lights and in photos. They resist creasing and crushing. They are also easy care which makes them perfect when you only need to wear them for half an hour before you throw it in the wash. I’m a mum and I do not want to dry clean, and I do not like ironing!

This is not to say we won’t use natural fibres at all, our boyswear will have a cotton/elastane blend fabrication that everyone will love. (And it will be a unisex fit! SHHH – don’t tell your boy!)

Please buy with confidence from me.

Jacinda xx



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